“A condition obtained when a person achieves a level of health that minimises the chances of becoming ill. Wellness is achieved by a combination of emotional, environmental, mental, physical, social, and spiritual health.” Oxford Reference

wellness = folláine

Hailing from Ireland, I am appreciative of my Celtic roots. Áine is ainm dom, fáilte go dtí mo shuíomh Gréasáin! Translation: Anne is my name, welcome to my website!

Wellness may have different meanings to each person. It’s as individual as our emotions, physicality and character. How we feel affects everything we do. Let’s bring back the balance.

Remedial massage assists the body’s own healing process & that’s where I come in!! Assisting you to reach your remedial therapy goals. Whether it’s to feel calmer, to aid in recovery from injury or to ease tension which builds up in our bodies due to daily routines. After a discussion and assessment, we can create a treatment plan customised to your needs and ongoing goals.

I do not claim to cure, diagnose or treat any undiagnosed ailment. I work solely within my scope of practice as a diploma qualified Remedial therapist. Treatment goals are to be realistic as there is rarely a ‘quick fix’ that sustains your health and wellness. Remedial massage aims to trace the original reason for musculoskeletal pain, dealing with the cause of the problem and the symptoms.