Words from lovely people…

Anne is an excellent massage therapist. I felt cared for and with professionalism. Relieved the tension and stress from my body, very relaxing, great experience. I’m so fortunate to have Anne provide the service to me. Definitely recommend to all of you.

Janna Lau 08/08/2021

I have experienced a number of Anne’s massage treatments, from the deep tissue remedial massage to the energy invoking Ka Huna for mind, body and spirit. I would recommend trying each one to find the right combination for your therapeutic needs. Then set up a schedule of these over a month. Anne’s gentle, intuitive touch is the greatest testament to her professionalism.

22 July 2021


Highly recommended!! I have been a regular client of Anne’s for quite some time now. She has magic healing hands.

26 July 2020


Relaxing and therapeutic. A most enjoyable hour. Would recommend at least once a month.

25 July 2020

Most relaxing experience. Would recommend.

25 July 2020

The whole experience was therapeutic and the service was highly professional, the room was spacious and with comfortable massage table

17 July 2020


Great service, providing that wanted relief along with total relaxation, excellent

14 July 2020